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MAGINON rotor blades QC-50S drone (4 pcs)

4 spare rotor blades for the MAGINON drone QC-50S
€6.50 (incl tax)

MAGINON spare battery for QC-16 drone

Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery for the MAGINON drone QC-16

Technolgy: Lithium-Polymer
Voltage: 3.7
Capacity: 300 mAh
Power: 3.7 Wh
€10.00 (incl tax)

Chest strap holder

For attaching ActionCams to your chest
€20.00 (incl tax)

MAGINON remote control for QC-50S and QC-16 drone

Spare remote control for the MAGINON drones QC-50S and QC-16
Reach: approx. 40 metres
Input Voltage: 4,5 V
Battery: 4,5 V (3 x 1,5 V) | Type LR6 (AA)
€10.00 (incl tax)

Stand adapter

For attaching ActionCams to standard tripod threads
€8.00 (incl tax)

Bicycle holder

Bicycle holder for action cams and cameras
€10.00 (incl tax)