Actioncam Accessories

Equip your ActionCam with the perfect accessories and get everything out of it!
We offer anything from holders with which you can keep a firm grip on your adventure to the chest strap, floaty and underwater housings.

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MAGINON adhesive pad adapter set for ActionCams

Adhesive pad adapter set for attaching ActionCams
€10.00 (incl tax)

MAGINON Headstrap for ActionCam AC-800 W

ActionCam headstrap with clip for the MAGINON AC-800 W action camera
€15.00 (incl tax)

Chest strap holder

For attaching ActionCams to your chest
€20.00 (incl tax)

Stand adapter

For attaching ActionCams to standard tripod threads
€8.00 (incl tax)

Bicycle holder

Bicycle holder for action cams and cameras
€10.00 (incl tax)

MAGINON hand tripod "FLOATY" for ActionCams (GoPro* compatible)

Float body for water use of your ActionCam, *GoPro not inlcuded
€15.00 (incl tax)